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Watch Bluebeard Full Movie Online Free

Bluebeard will be released on 26th of March 2010 wide in any theaters. Bluebeard (2010) is a Drama, Comedy, Fantasy, Crime and Period Film written and directed by Catherine Breillat. The cast of the film are Richard Burton, Raquel Welch, Joey Heatherton, Virna Lisi, Natalie Delon, Dominique Thomas and Farida Khelfa. The movie Bluebeard is under the distribution of Strand Releasing and not yet rated. Bluebeard is the retelling of the now familiar story of a wealthy aristocrat who marries and murders and marries again. Baron Von Sepper (Richard Burton), the BlueBeard of the story, meets and marries Anne (Joey Heatherton) who becomes suspicious of Von Sepper when she finds evidence of his murders shortly after their wedding. Van Sepper then, in graphic detail, tells Anne the stories of his former wives' lives and deaths. The movie, directed with ham-handed archness by Edward Dmytryk, attempts to tell the story as a black comedy. Despite an array of beautiful women, including (Virna Lisi), (Nathalie Delon) and (Raquel Welch), nothing can distract from the abysmal performances of Burton and Heatherton. The film has some nice costumes and is beautifully photographed by cinematographer Gabor Pogany, but all the humor is unintentional and the actors, particularly Richard Burton all seem to wish they were elsewhere. Watch free Bluebeard (2010) movie stream online.
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