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Toy Story 3 will be released on 18th of June 2010 wide in any theaters. Toy Story 3 (2010) is an Action/Adventure, Comedy, Animation, Family, Kids and Sequel Film directed by Lee Unkrich. The cast of the film are Tom Hanks as Sheriff Woody, Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear, Joan Cusack as Jessie, Wallace Shawn as Rex, John Ratzenberger as Hamm, Blake Clark as Slinky Dog (replacing Jim Varney), Don Rickles as Mr. Potato Head, Estelle Harris as Mrs. Potato Head, Jeff Pidgeon as Squeeze Toy Aliens, R. Lee Ermey as Sarge, John Morris as Andy Davis, Laurie Metcalf as Mrs. Davis, Beatrice Miller as Molly Davis, Jodi Benson as Barbie, Michael Keaton as Ken, Ned Beatty as Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear, Whoopi Goldberg as Stretch, Jack Angel as Chunk, Teddy Newton as Chatter Telephone, Kristen Schaal as Trixie, Timothy Dalton as Mr. Pricklepants, Bonnie Hunt as Dolly, Jeff Garlin as Buttercup and Richard Kind as Bookworm. The movie Toy Story 3 is under the distribution of Walt Disney Studios & Pixar Animation Studios and MPAA rating as NR. Andy (John Morris), now nearly 18 years old, is just days away from heading off to college, and his toys, including Woody (Tom Hanks) and Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen), are worried about their uncertain future.

Andy plans to keep Woody and put the others in the attic, but his mother accidentally throws them away. Opening the trash bag they're in, the toys think that Andy is throwing them away on purpose. Jessie (Joan Cusack) thinks the toys should take charge of their own destiny, and convinces them to stow away in a box of other toys headed for donation to Sunnyside Daycare. Woody, trying to save the toys from being thrown away, realizes they're in the donation box. He tries to rescue them, but before he can leave, Andy's mom puts him in the box and closes the back door.

When the toys arrive at Sunnyside they meet many new faces, such as Lotso (Ned Beatty), a pink strawberry-scented teddy bear who is the leader of the Sunnyside toys, and a smooth-talking Ken (Michael Keaton) doll, who falls head over heels for Molly's Barbie doll (Jodi Benson).

The toys are keen on starting a new life at the daycare, except for Woody, who unsuccessfully tries to convince them that Andy hasn't abandoned them. Woody tries to escape, but ends up being taken home by a little girl named Bonnie, who takes him to meet her own toys including Trixie the Triceratops (Kristen Schaal), the rag doll Dolly (Bonnie Hunt), a Totoro doll, and the thespian hedgehog Mr. Pricklepants (Timothy Dalton). Mr. Pricklepants tells Woody the horrors of Sunnyside Daycare.

Before long, the other toys discover through Mrs. Potato Head's (Estelle Harris) missing eye that Andy is actively searching for them after noticing they're missing, and realize how much he still cares for them. To make matters worse, they also learn that some of their new friends aren't as friendly as they thought. When Woody returns to the toys they then come up with a plan to return to Andy's family, but Buzz is damaged during an escape attempt. The toys try to reset Buzz, only to make him revert to a delusional Spanish version of his old self, much to the other toys' discomfort and Jessie's amazement.

The toys now must all work together to get Woody home in time before Andy leaves for college. Watch free Toy Story 3 (2010) movie stream online.

According to the terms of Pixar's revised deal with Disney, all characters created by Pixar for their films were owned by Disney. Furthermore, Disney retained the rights to make sequels to any Pixar film, though Pixar retained the right of first refusal to work on these sequels. But in 2004, when the contentious negotiations between the two companies made a split appear likely, Disney Chairman at the time Michael Eisner put in motion plans to produce Toy Story 3 at a new Disney studio, Circle 7 Animation. Tim Allen, the voice of Buzz Lightyear, indicated a willingness to return even if Pixar was not on board.

Jim Herzfeld wrote a script for Circle 7's version of the film. It focused on the other toys shipping a malfunctioning Buzz to Taiwan, where he was built, believing that he will be fixed there. While searching on the Internet, they find out that many more Buzz Lightyear toys are malfunctioning around the world and the company has issued a massive recall. Fearing Buzz's destruction, a group of Andy's toys (Woody, Rex, Slinky, Mr. Potato Head, Hamm, Jessie, and Bullseye) venture to rescue Buzz. At the same time Buzz meets other toys from around the world that were once loved but have now been recalled.

In January 2006, Disney bought Pixar in a deal that put Pixar chiefs Edwin Catmull and John Lasseter in charge of all Disney Animation. Shortly thereafter, Circle 7 Animation was shut down and its version of Toy Story 3 was shelved. The following month, Disney CEO Robert Iger confirmed that Disney was in the process of transferring the production to Pixar. John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton, Pete Docter, and Lee Unkrich visited the house where they first pitched Toy Story and came up with the story for the film over a weekend. Stanton then wrote a treatment. On February 8, 2007, Catmull announced Toy Story 2's co-director, Lee Unkrich, as the sole director of the film instead of John Lasseter, and Michael Arndt as screenwriter. The release date was moved to 2010.

Instead of sending Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, and John Ratzenberger scripts for their consideration in reprising their roles, a complete story reel of the film was shown to the actors in a theater. The reel was made up of moving storyboards with pre-recorded voices, sound effects, and music. At the conclusion of the preview, the actors signed on to the film.

Dolby Laboratories announced that Toy Story 3 will be the first movie that will feature the Dolby Surround 7.1 audio format.

The film's first teaser trailer was released with the Disney Digital 3-D version of the film Up on May 29, 2009. On October 2, 2009 Toy Story and Toy Story 2 were re-released as a double feature in Disney Digital 3-D. The first full-length trailer was attached as an exclusive sneak peek and a first footage to the Toy Story double feature, on October 12, 2009. A second teaser was released on February 10, 2010, followed by a second full-length trailer on February 11 and appeared in 3D showings of Alice in Wonderland. On March 23, 2010, Toy Story was released on Blu-ray/DVD combo pack which included a small feature of "The Story of Toy Story 3". Also, Toy Story 2 was released on that day in the same format which had a small feature on the "Characters of Toy Story 3".

Mattel and Lego are among those who will make toys to promote the film. Disney Interactive Studios will also produce a video game based on the film.

Toy Story 3 was featured in Apple's iPhone OS 4 Event on 8 April 2010, with Steve Jobs demoing a Toy Story 3 themed iAd written in HTML5.

Pixar designed a commercial for a toy, Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear, and formatted it to look like it came from an old VCR recording. The recording was altered with distorted sound, noise along the bottom of the screen, and flickering video, all designed to make it look like a converted recording from the 1980s. A Japanese version of the commercial was also released online.

The theatrical release of Toy Story 3 is scheduled to include the short film Day & Night, which focuses on what happens when an animated personification of daytime (Day) meets his opposite, nighttime (Night) and the resulting growth for both.
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